Our Mission

Intermed, Ltd. was established in 1972 by Dr. Albert Moore. The foundation was based on genuine relationships with a solid patient base and administering prompt care regarding acute and chronic medical issues. Over the past two decades, the image of Intermed, Ltd. has grown under the leadership of Dr. Samer Kholoki. We have applied our highest standard of care in preventive medicine and risk management, working towards minimizing hospitalization. We thrive on maintaining the health of our patients and allowing them to lead independent lifestyles. As the field of medicine is constantly evolving, we have implemented up-to-date methods of care while sustaining the welcoming atmosphere of Intermed, Ltd. 

We know how to best provide for our patients. 

Photography courtesy of Intermed Limited


Bone Density Scanner 

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator (NMES)




Intermed, ltd Laboratory


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